Two smiling Job Corps students in the recreation room.

Center Life

A typical day at Bamberg Job Corps is full of activities to help our students prepare for the real world. Students get up early and spend the majority of their day receiving academic and hands-on career technical training.

After class, students study or hang out with friends before dinner in the cafeteria. After dinner, students may do chores in their dorms or spend their downtime studying. Most students are in bed by 10 PM in order to rest for the next day's tasks.


Bamberg Job Corps boasts one of the best recreation programs in the nation. Students find our recreational activities to be a fun and exciting way to meet new friends, socialize, and just relax and unwind at the end of the day. We offer traditional sports and games such as basketball and softball.


Job Corps is committed to offering all students a safe and secure environment. That's why we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for violence, alcohol, and drugs. Any student who breaks this policy will be dismissed immediately from Job Corps.

Center Rules

  • The center has a Zero Tolerance Policy including a "One Strike You’re Out" provision. If you are caught with illegal drugs or a weapon, you will be terminated.
  • The center has a uniform policy. A dress code will be enforced requiring belted pants to be worn at the waist and shirts tucked in. No student is permitted to wear tongue rings or other body piercings. Inappropriate hair styles/hair color (blue, green yellow, white, red) are not acceptable on center.
  • Cell phones are allowed on center; however, cell phones can not be used during training hours in any building. The phones should be kept in your pocket or purse and turned off. You may use your phones during lunch.
  • Students are expected to wear their ID badges at all times, including recreation trips and GED testing.
  • Visitors are required to pick up a visitor’s pass from security. Visitor’s (immediate family only) must be granted permission by the supervisor on duty to tour the dorm.
  • Students are required to attend all classes and appointments as assigned.
  • Hazing, initiation, gambling, harassment, and loan sharking are against all center standards.
  • Gang activity is prohibited on center.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on center.
  • Weekend passes are granted weekly after the second weekend on center. Students must earn this privilege.
  • Students are not allowed to have anything valued over $300.00 on center.
  • For their safety, students are not allowed to have medication (over the counter or prescription) in their possession.

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Page last updated: Friday, December 07, 2012